Applications of Nanotechnology in Dermatology

The increasing impact of the applications of nanotechnology in dermatology cannot be ignored as it becomes an even larger focus in product development. Further evidence of that lies in the current status of a cosmetics company as one of the largest patent holders of nanotechnology in the United States. When compared to other industries, the

Nanotechnology In Financial Fraud Protection

Counterfeiting has become a huge problem around the world. Stealing identities, taking people’s credit cards and financial information has become more and more common. However, scientists are hopeful that a new developed nano fingerprint can be embedded into money, credit cards, and gadgets that make it nearly impossible to counterfeit an object. This use of

Nanotechnology and HVAC

Consumer products have only recently began to see strides in changes of technology when considering nanotechnology. Although the idea, or concept has been around for quite some time, the cost is high and has taken quite some time for it to hit the general public. Scientist and Engineers have a close working relationship in order

Nanotechnology impact on computer technology

Smaller, faster and lighter computers will be the potential result of the nanotechnology impact on computer technology. Smaller transistors will allow more complex and sophisticated features to be packed into the products which allow for computers to run faster and safer from a browsing experience to business applications. Today’s pocket-sized smartphone has more computing power than

What careers are there in the field of nanotechnology?

This science of the miniature combines physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and technology. Nanotechnology manipulates matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. It deals with matter with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers. One nanometer (nm) is one billionth, of a meter. Nanotechnology’s mind-boggling potential applications have lured governments around the

Nano Technology Advancements in Medicine

As nanotechnology continues to advance, things that were once thought impossible are on the horizon for the 21st century. From lightsaber-like plasma scalpels, to nanobeacons that improve tumor imaging and deliver drugs accurately, and even nanobots released into the bloodstream, nanotechnology and medicine are making great strides together. In our lifetimes, we’ll bear witness to