Nanotechnology and HVAC

Consumer products have only recently began to see strides in changes of technology when considering nanotechnology. Although the idea, or concept has been around for quite some time, the cost is high and has taken quite some time for it to hit the general public. Scientist and Engineers have a close working relationship in order to develop new and exciting technologies that can greatly improve our quality of life and living. One such way is Nanotechnology in Heating and Air Conditioning.

Nanotechnology and Air Conditioning

As of late, the buzz around the water cooler is now known as “NanoAir” which is a revolutionary air treatment method that uses nanotechnology to completely get rid of coolants such as CFC and others that are common throughout heating and cooling industries.

Because the technology uses nanoparticles, there is no need for specific cooling agents that will cut its carbon footprint by over 50%. This is a turn around of producing up to 57% less Carbon Dioxide. If this method of cooling becomes standard in homes, not only will consumers be able to breath cleaner fresher air, but they will be paying less to do so. Efficiency Ratings are predicted to go through the roof.

As a current estimate, new technology units will cost around the same amount as current units being installed.

This new technology will revolutionize the industry and will make technicians all over the world think differently about how they were originally trained in HVAC. Helping slow depleation of the Ozone layer is extremely important to those developing the systems we may soon be using in the near future. Units will be smaller, take up less space, require less material to be built and leave a much smaller footprint. It is hard to find a reason anyone would want to go in any other direction than combining Nanotechnology with HVAC.

This technology is still in Beta testing and technicians are still being trained in the new method of cooling. It is likely not far off that we will see these units being installed not only nation wide, but world wide.

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