Nanotechnology In Financial Fraud Protection

Counterfeiting has become a huge problem around the world. Stealing identities, taking people’s credit cards and financial information has become more and more common. However, scientists are hopeful that a new developed nano fingerprint can be embedded into money, credit cards, and gadgets that make it nearly impossible to counterfeit an object.

This use of nanotechnology in credit cards can be just the breakout and security for those who are concerned about their financial stability and identity theft. The nanoscale fingerprints 20 to 30 individual nano wires that have an average length of 10 to 50 µm and are placed into a thin plastic film. This plastic film can then be used to tag a variety of electronics, credit cards and even banknotes.

When you choose your next credit company, open your next bank account or purchase a prepaid debit card, wouldn’t you prefer to use a company that has embedded nanotechnology into their system. Credit Card holders should always be able to access a secure member login site, where card holders can access their account online in a safe and secure way. It is nearly impossible to replicate fingerprints due to the difficulty involved in manipulating the tiny nano wires into the desired pattern. This method of protection is thought to only cost one dollar per item being protected and should be affordable for the general public.

Every time you swipe your prepaid debit card or credit card, feel secure knowing that authorization is only possible when your fingerprint is recognized. This is not a feeling that as far off, and is on the horizon for some of the most recognized credit card companies. The authentication process will be automated using an algorithm that recognizes both colors and positions of the nano wires installed inside credit cards and will be digitally tied to an information database were personal information is stored.

Choose your next credit card company, bank, financial institution wisely and look to the future, the near future, for protection like never thought possible before. Nanotechnology and the way we live our life are coming together in ways that make life easier, safer and much more affordable.


Benefits of Nanotechnology in Financial Security

  • impossible to replicate at an affordable rate
  • small, safe, secure
  • wireless scanners have no effect on nano fingerprint technology
  • no outward appearance change in card
  • no raise in cost of operation
  • safe to use in other countries
  • transferable technology

A Nanotechnology self-contained scanner fits inside a credit card, and adds much needed and wanted financial security to cardholders everywhere. The benefits are beyond what we can imagine until we physically put this technology into practice. The price is right and the need is great for such security measures to be taken. In a society where technology is king, this feature of security plays a major role in making those who have it, feel safe.

Not only will this save the banks who use it around the world, millions of dollars but the consumers who use it will be protected from more than just financial loss. They will also be protected from identity theft, that can run lives. The smart metric system that will be used in these type of cards, will be usable by more than 90% of the worlds ATM machines without making any changes.



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