What careers are there in the field of nanotechnology?

This science of the miniature combines physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and technology. Nanotechnology manipulates matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. It deals with matter with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers. One nanometer (nm) is one billionth, of a meter.

Nanotechnology’s mind-boggling potential applications have lured governments around the world into investing billions in its research. Nanotechnology may soon be able to create new materials and devices. Nanoscale technology covers small structures and can be used for introducing stronger materials, better medicines, and faster computers. Molecular manufacturing is an attempt at building mechanical and chemical systems that join molecules together. Nanotechnology continuously generates new capabilities, innovative products and new markets. One of the most well known applies to that of disabled individuals that can now accomplish tasks that were impossible just a decade ago.

The scope and application of nanotechnology is tremendous and mind-boggling. It is one of the hottest career options. Nanotechnology has applications in medicine, pharmaceuticals, information technology, electronic, chemicals, advanced materials, textiles and in drug delivery to treat cancer tumor, solar energy, batteries, display technologies, opto-electronic devices, semiconductor devices, biosensors, and luminous paints. The only major challenge is the training for a new generation of skilled professionals needed in the immediate future.

Trained persons in nanotechnology easily get jobs in all these sectors and more. Many job opportunities and research career exist in the areas of nano-device, nano-packaging, nano-wires, nano-tools, nano- biotechnology, nano crystalline materials, nano photonics and and nano porous materials. Around two million nanotechnology skilled personnel will be required world wide by 2015.

The salary is based on qualifications, skills acquired, experience, nature of the job and the employer. The nanotechnologist can draw high monthly salary anywhere. In the US, nanotechnologists draw very high salary. Passion for research and to find out new structures, a good background in physics, chemistry, medicine, electronics and biotechnology, an open and inquiring scientific bent of mind, sound analytical skills, love for research, and capacity for hard work will take you a long way in this field.

The new emerging field of nanotechnology has immense, unforeseen possibilities. The more we learn, the more magical and scary is the scene. There could be risks involved in many developments in this field. Coming into existence of new toxins is a great possibility. Many sections are already crying aloud for regulatory measures. Many argue that the temptation to use the technology for harming the human race will be more immediate and pressing. But this has always been the case with every progressive step in human knowledge. Such fears need not hamper the work in the field of nanotechnology now.

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